4 Things I Learned Moving Countries

Moving countries can be daunting no matter the age - I moved from New Zealand at the age of 3, moved overseas again at the age of 18 and then relocated one last time 6 months later. It's an experience that not everyone can say that they have had and with it, I have come to realise many things.

1. I have way too much sh*t. Like legitimately, I didn't know I had that much stuff until I had to pack it all up into several boxes. So much junk. Even when I moved to university and was living in a tiny room, I had bought waaaaaay too much stuff over with me. But having this has taught me to keep the junk to a minimum, only keeping the things that I will actually use. Still doesn't stop me from buying too many clothes though - that's for sure.

2. It is lonely to move somewhere that you don't know anyone. But think of it as a new chance, a new beginning. In time you will make friends - whether it is through work, social clubs or school - it may be hard, to begin with depending on the lifestyle, but you won't be alone forever.

3. Most of the time when you move, there will be a change of lifestyle. Whether you are moving from a country town to a city, or from country to country, you will notice a difference. For me, I moved from a populated city where everything was busy and fast moving to a country that only had half the population of the said city. I find moving to a slower-paced country is a lot easier than somewhere that is busy and fast-paced, you'll just find that you'll be walking faster than everyone else :D

4. It is terrifying and you go through severe FOMO. You'll miss important events, seeing your friends hang out together and will more than likely see everything on social media. What I learned was; it's not the be all and end all. In the end, those who you are seeing together will also miss out on the amazing events in your life - and it's okay. You have your old memories with them, but now it is time to make new ones with new friends. You have your whole future ahead of you to create memories with friends, old and new.

Day by day, monthly by month, you will build yourself a new life - one that you will be happy and proud of. It will take time, but eventually, you will get there. Only you can change your future and what happens to you. You will withstand new beginnings, loneliness, anxiety, and things that will scare the bejeezus out of you. As life does, things will change as it comes and they will be good changes if you make them - you'll become a stronger, more independent individual and no one will be able to take that away from you.

After all, is a risk worth taking if it doesn't scare you?

Graduation Blues

We wore the hat, we wore the gown, collected the diploma and were showered with congratulations from close family and friends; we finally did it, we finally graduated and our hard work paid off!

I graduated a month ago with a grand plan of what I wanted to do, but as soon as I stepped on stage and out of those doors, I realized that I had no clue what I am doing and where I am going. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I always felt like my graduation would be a momentous life event, and I’m not going to lie, my family made it one for me. It was truly an overwhelming experience – with a little bit of embarrassment and a whole lot of love – and I could’ve never have felt more loved than I did at that moment. However, I didn’t get that feeling of relief or security that my future would go as planned because really, I had no plan. What I did get was a brief twinge of fear that in the end I would get nowhere and cause disappointment to those close to me. Going from lectures and assignments to no responsibilities was a shock to me, I felt like I had no purpose, I was lost in translation. It’s easy to think about what we’d like to do after university, but in reality, for most of us – it’s completely different to what we expect.

Fast forward one month later and I am still somewhat lost – I have an idea of where I want to go but getting there is the hard part. With jobs requiring at least 2-3 years’ experience nowadays, it’s hard to get there. But what I have learned in the past month is that although I have graduated, it isn’t everything. Not having university or the initial worry of assignments has allowed me to think more clearly and intuitively about subjects not relating to my degree, it has allowed me to open up and explore different paths, gain more perspective. And most of all, it’s taught me about myself and how I can learn to deal with situations, rejections and that feeling of being lost. I think this time after one's graduation is a crucial time, although it may be hard, in the end, it’ll shape you to become a person you are proud of, someone who appreciates what they have been given and has worked their butt off to get where they are today.

This isn’t a blog post with tips on how to get a job after university or to give advice to future graduates (maybe in a year I’ll be able to give some solid advice, who knows?); but rather a post to let you know that you aren’t alone and you’ll never be alone. If you’re reading this then just know, there is nothing wrong with feeling stuck or lost, it’s just the process of getting to where you want to be, trust me I know – I’m in the same boat as you!

Skincare Products For Those Hormonal Times

When it comes to skincare, I've been known to mix and match, and then change my mind ten minutes later - spending a pretty penny. When it comes to trying new skincare, I am a sucker for aesthetic and packaging, and of course - youtuber reviews. Let's be honest now, how many of us don't go looking on youtube for reviews when we see a new product? Cos I certainly do! I've often been asked how I keep my skin clear and although it's overused - I SWEAR by water. I was one of those people who didn't believe in the benefits of water until I started predominantly drinking water. I couldn't believe how healthy my skin looked!

But we are not here for the magical powers of water. We are here for those pesky little demons during our hormonal times - so I thought I'd put together a little post of some recommendations for skincare that have helped me through the times - enjoy m'loves!

FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

I've been obsessed with this toner since I first bought it - being a combo kind of gal, I find that this toner is great for both oily and dry skin types. It keeps you hydrated and refreshed without any added oiliness and I often find myself only using this product on a make-up free day. It's non-comedogenic (does not cause blocked pores) and has made my pores appear reduced. Of course, the main reason people buy this is because of the floating rose petals, and boy oh boy, they just make your beauty area seem more romantic and instagrammable.

Can be found at: Official FRESH website - US$44.00,  fragrancesandcosmetics.co.nz - $99.00. Also an asian beauty store in Albany Westfield sells FRESH products.

PHILOSOPHY Take A Deep Breath Moisturizer and Eye Cream

At first, I tried the Hope In A Jar from this brand, however, I found that it was quite heavy and left me like an oil slick in the T-Zone. Then just my luck, I saw this little combo in the airport and thought that I might as well give it a go, and I am glad! This is probably the best moisturizer and eye cream that I've ever used - it leaves me bright and refreshed with a light feeling - without making me look like an oily mess during the day, and is a great base for make-up.

Can be found at: Airport (Aelia Duty-Free),  MECCA Aus,  fragrancesandcosmetics.co.nz ( $76 moisturizer / $79 Eye Cream)

ORIGINS Spot Remover

First hearing of this on Laura Lee's channel, I saw it popping up everywhere with good reviews, so I went and paid the extensive price for such a small little thing. This gel formula is just fantastic, it leaves a cooling feeling on those inflamed demons while drying it out. I put this on three-times a day for two-three days and BYE BYE pimples! While it is a small bottle, you usually do not need that much, just squeeze a little onto a cotton bud.

A similar product would be the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - this didn't work for me, but I have friends who this has worked on so am happy to recommend this product as an alternative as different skin types react differently to products.

Can be found at: MECCA - $25 


During the day it is easy to lose the feeling of hydration, and that is why I love this spray - in two seconds you are left feeling rejuvenated and hydrated with minimal effort. It's great for sensitive skin and is soothing. An extra pro: makes your make=up look fresh after hours of wear - WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT?!

Can be found at: MECCA - $10.00 / $18.00

SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil

This product is quite expensive and is not a necessity, however, I do use it since I bought it on a whim. It is an oil so does leave your skin feeling a bit weird, however, all you are doing is sleeping so it's not a big deal. Also, I find that it does take a little bit to rub it clear as it is blue. But once you are passed all of this, it is a miracle worker. Bear in mind that it is not a one night wonder, but if used consistently, I've noticed redness has been reduced, any uneven texture is disappearing (great for my make up aha) and of course, pores are reduced. I love a good reduced pore.

Can be found at: MECCA - $166 (Recommend buying the 'The Power Couple' set for $124 if you would like to try)

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments below if you've ever used any of these products and whether you liked them or not!

Madds x