4 Things I Learned Moving Countries

Moving countries can be daunting no matter the age - I moved from New Zealand at the age of 3, moved overseas again at the age of 18 and then relocated one last time 6 months later. It's an experience that not everyone can say that they have had and with it, I have come to realise many things.

1. I have way too much sh*t. Like legitimately, I didn't know I had that much stuff until I had to pack it all up into several boxes. So much junk. Even when I moved to university and was living in a tiny room, I had bought waaaaaay too much stuff over with me. But having this has taught me to keep the junk to a minimum, only keeping the things that I will actually use. Still doesn't stop me from buying too many clothes though - that's for sure.

2. It is lonely to move somewhere that you don't know anyone. But think of it as a new chance, a new beginning. In time you will make friends - whether it is through work, social clubs or school - it may be hard, to begin with depending on the lifestyle, but you won't be alone forever.

3. Most of the time when you move, there will be a change of lifestyle. Whether you are moving from a country town to a city, or from country to country, you will notice a difference. For me, I moved from a populated city where everything was busy and fast moving to a country that only had half the population of the said city. I find moving to a slower-paced country is a lot easier than somewhere that is busy and fast-paced, you'll just find that you'll be walking faster than everyone else :D

4. It is terrifying and you go through severe FOMO. You'll miss important events, seeing your friends hang out together and will more than likely see everything on social media. What I learned was; it's not the be all and end all. In the end, those who you are seeing together will also miss out on the amazing events in your life - and it's okay. You have your old memories with them, but now it is time to make new ones with new friends. You have your whole future ahead of you to create memories with friends, old and new.

Day by day, monthly by month, you will build yourself a new life - one that you will be happy and proud of. It will take time, but eventually, you will get there. Only you can change your future and what happens to you. You will withstand new beginnings, loneliness, anxiety, and things that will scare the bejeezus out of you. As life does, things will change as it comes and they will be good changes if you make them - you'll become a stronger, more independent individual and no one will be able to take that away from you.

After all, is a risk worth taking if it doesn't scare you?